Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Breast is Best?

I am now working with a young family with a 1 year old boy and a new baby. Breastfeeding was difficult as the young mum fought with her guilt at not spending more time with her first child. Noise, visitors and lack of confidence led to the baby losing weight and the mother panicking. The midwife that came did not help by suggesting that expressing her breast milk and giving it in a syringe, ( finger feeding)was too tiring and she would not manage it! Today I arrived to find the mother had weighed the baby and after an incorrect weight, has given the baby a bottle of formula. She will now not go back to breastfeeding. What a shame and she had a good supply which we had worked hard on to stimulate in the last few days. Of course breast is best but a passing negative remark can change everything and take away any motivation that was present.

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