Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Year

2013- A New Year, New Mums and New Babies.

Another year full of new life and challenges.
Started the year with a baby boy, Seth, a cutie who just loved the breast, so much so we could not get him off!
Just before New Year I went to a single mum with a new baby and a 2 year old .
A baby girl this time 4 kilos!
Due to a Caesarian Section and a lack of help in hospital with breast feeding the mother had deep cuts on her nipples so was unable to latch the baby on in the first few days.

After expressing and feeding her baby with a bottle one night she ran out of expressed milk and latched the baby on.
Baby fed beautifully with no pain!
She is now going from strength to strength and fully breastfeeding her baby.
article_babybonding_mainpic.jpgI admire this mother who despite the challenges she faces is strong and determined to give her baby the best.

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