Monday, April 23, 2012

An ordinary day in the life of a kraamverzorgende....

Today was to be an ordinary day.
I went to work finishing off my last day at a family where the mother only spoke Spanish and a little Dutch.
It had been a relaxed quiet week where the mother had chosen to give bottle feeding due to her hiv status.
After the stillness comes the storm they say!
Later today as I approached my new family I was met by two ambulance men looking like they were trying to resucitate a man on the floor of a bedroom.
It turned out it was the father of the baby who was hyperventilating.
After taking the baby into another room the man became very aggressive and abusive towards the ambulance men.
The police were called for "back-up".
They arrived within minutes and finally calmed the situation down,
( I was still holding the baby and shaking!!).
Finally the police and ambulance men left and things gradually calmed down.
This was no ordinary day!!
More tomorrow................

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