Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden

After working with two Dutch gezinnen
then a hungarian family I am now working with a Swedish family.
Beautiful baby girl with gorgeous blue eyes and a very big, black, woolly poodle who is very protective of the baby.
Apparently in Sweden, every mother and father practise "skin to skin" regulary with their baby and every woman breast feeds for at least a year.

After a traumatic and stressful experience in the hospital there were not many kraamzorg hours over.
Breastfeeding without supervision or help in hospital has led to" slaapende voeding" where it appears the baby is drinking well but actually is not active enough on the breast and is not swallowing.
Result is low weight gain and very sleepy baby.

Feeding with a feeding tube at the breast while mum has to pump every 2 to 3 hours to increase her production.
If only the beginning of the story had been less stressful and more supporting for the parents!

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