Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back again!

Here I am again after a time away from blogging.
I have been busy working for three different kraamzorg bureaus as well as for myself.
Lots of breastfeeding problems which could have been avoided by good instruction on the first and second post-natal days in hospital.
As a result of poor or no instruction regarding latching the baby on to breastfeed, the mother often ends up with cut or damaged nipples.
This makes feeding difficult and painful and means an uphill struggle for successful feeding in the first week after birth.
Please,  Nurses in hospitals if you do not know how to teach a new mother how to latch her baby properly onto the breast then refer her to a Lactation specialist or to someone who does know!
This would in turn make my job so much easier in the kraam week.
Thank you.

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