Friday, August 17, 2012

From Lebanon to Russia with Iran inbetween!

I am back after sitting my Lactation Consultant exam in Utrecht on 30th July and a short holiday in the French Ardenne.
I have worked with a lovely family from Lebanon who were French and Arabic speaking,( tricky for me), a single mother from Iran with 7 children and am now with an Ukranian/Russian family.
My job is definately never boring and I love meeting different people from so many different cultures.
Sometimes cultures clash with the Dutch way of doing things but I have learnt to provide information and accept that people have different ways of doing things.

After all when I leave the parents will decide what to do not me!

I am priviledged to be part of such an amazing event in the first week of a baby's life and to be able to help and support families along the way. 

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